Whenever I think of the prodigal son in the Bible I’m always made to think of the kind of food he must have been eating before he went home and somehow, I always think it must have been rotten potato peelings and the thought of that makes me want to wretch like nothing I’ve known- the smell and the way it turns black, DISGUSTING. On an aside, I made baked potatoes yesterday when I went home, just for the sake of it!

At BSF, last week we had this principle: God’s tests reveal our rebellion but they are designed to create dependence on Him. Wow! Its never easy to follow Gods word and all that but this past week it all came to a head when it hit me that certain things mean no and that’s all it can be. Funny thing is I had been walking in rebellion or pretty much headed down that road and it was at the cross road: where would I continue to? Would I continue down this road or would I jump back onto the straight and narrow? That I stuck it out doesn’t make it any easier to know or live with the consequences of my actions! sorry Z

Disenfranchised grief could not be spelt so loud!


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