everyone needs …

…. someone who will always be in your court and who is always on your sidelines,cheering you on!

a Mummy to just tuck you in and a Daddy who shows you what a real man ought to be and gives you strength to be more than you can be and for sisters? who laugh with you and encourage you and gives you advice, allows you to be yourself and loves you for who you are, and most of all, laugh at your joke coz…..they get it! and a nephew, who says the most darling things and reminds you of the special things in life that i often take for granted-thanks our dear one.

family people, they MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND.


3 responses to “everyone needs …

  1. I loves u all!

  2. Merci to God, for you all, sob, sob.

  3. i could not have put it better. the very pple that make me exhale are the very ones i call la familia and i can never thank God enuf for them, each one of them in their very special right have and hold a very special place in my heart! especially coz they let me be who i am the best there ever will be…even letting me laugh at my own jokes and u know i do that quite a bit!!!

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