i have to do this jobs at some point in my life

  1. those CSI special effects people who work on those macabre murders
  2. an illustrationist for those Alliance Francais french books
  3. for Survivor-to come up with those tasks they do for reward or for immunity, thaz whar im talking about right there
  4. a Big Brother producer

Having said that BBA3 is back and if it werent for work! id be glued like glue itself and the Kenyan chick is driving me mad kabisa she just talks too much, Namibi and Nigeria should hook up: i like the girl but she is gonna cost herself if she doesnt give us some entertainment like now! Munya and Ricco and Latoya all stand out for their youth and inexperience coz watotoooo! Had a fall out with a pal of mine recently- quite interesting.

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