Outside of my family, no one owes me anything in life and even they are limited in how much or what they can give me.

One year of growth can bring with it changes that may threaten retardation but this week a friend sent me a lovley reminder that i shall shamelessly copy paste below:

“Power is developed in the absence of human assistance”

“At times, people who treated you the worst were actually preparing
you for the best. (from mean employers to ex-es to family, distant
relatives etc) They stripped from you the cumbersome weights and
entanglements that hindered the birth of inner resilience. Yes, such
friends leave us feeling naked & even vulnerable but it is through
those feelings that we begin to adapt and see our survival instincts

“We gain great direction through rejection. Rejection helps us focus
on new horizons without the hindrances of wondering ‘what if?’
Against this rough canvas of rejection and the pain it produces, God
paints the greatest sunrise the world has ever seen! However,
rejection is only marvelous in the eyes of someone whose heart is
wholly trusted in the Lord.”

If my memory serves me correctly it was from Naked and Not Ashamed by Jakes. I especially like the bit about developing power in the absence of human assistance. How will you know you can cross the big road if you never attempt to do so? How will you know your deserve better than that good-for-nothing man you’re with if you don’t muster the courage to walk out the door and trust that the Lord will uphold you even as you trust Him in this? I like the fact that when you’re submitted to Gods will and removed from the feel-good sentiment that people often want to share with you for whatever reason that therein He is working. There does come a time when you just gotta step forth from them and be yourself as the Lord intended and as He would have you be!

I guess this for me is about identity more than anything else, who am I? whose am I? and what am I if I take this path? and after the results? Does taking the road not travelled make you a better person or does it detract from the unseen and as yet unknown path? It is a bit scary but this year and part of last year I am coming into my own and painful though it is, it is making me a better person and on the way, the pain that I presently experience will be replaced with pleasure and when I do look back on these years of pain, I shall be sure that these were the birthing pains that would birth ideas, love, life, deeper faith, more understanding and relationships that withstood the test of adulthood, fear, bad choices and wrong advise.

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