idols finals

I watched though at this moment I must say how bored I am by it all- the guys who got talent for some reason are being undermined by the voters and I mean, how does Trinah the Winner leave? now Eric will win but look at me, I’m so writing off Nicolette who is the proverbial cockroach, now dont get me wrong, I loves the girl but the winner walked off jana night!

I know iv been in SA long when Eric’s hair doesnt bug me, when I first came here I couldnt believe that could be a hair style but now I’m thinking, hey not too bad, it’s better than the ‘fro he had on earlier. THAT, I loathed!

I saw the true meaning of some song by Souljah boy, the very common one, that kila Kamau, Omondi and Mutua knows about and well, I ain’t never! is all I’ll say! it’s filth and I just think, if your gonna be singing a song, make sure you know what it means and if it’s what you stand for as a person,ok? go right for it!

2 responses to “idols finals

  1. Lets just wait and see what these sham finals hold for us!

  2. 1st it was samantha now its trinnah, as u said, boring doesnt begin to describe it

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