a Suzie moment

So much for the elaborate post I had in my mind….

I read this and I’m so thinking that the answer is no, if a man wants you, nothing will keep him away from you and if he doesnt want you, nothing will keep him with you. A hard truth I know only too well!

So I spoke to a pal of mine yesterday whom I’d kept missing over the last few weeks,  my oldest and the closest thing to a best friend I have and well, we just kept laughing about how we have grown up- a Suzie moment is when you spring upcoming nuptial on your pals and this is a classic if I may say so myself!

A colleague of mine is from Zim and we had an eye opening chat about why things are as they are and why those guys appear so relaxed and not taking things into their hands as it were you know. All I can say is, now I know. I’m also reading this book and I feel really disgruntled and overwhelmed as an economist- we think we know the answers and yet sometimes we are to blame for the myriad problems that so many nations are in today!


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