Spent much of the morning looking through some blogs of Uganda and my heart just went all warm and gooey.


or this here

love this too

was hooked to this but not any more…

The Anglican Church is holding the Lambeth Conference and certain countries in Africa and across the world will not be participating because of the divisions brought in by Gene Robinson and lately also because of the issue of female clergy! Now as an Anglican, I didnt know this was our stand too and Im just a bit gob-smacked too that even we Anglicans dont allow Female Bishops and when they do, they push for a seniorER male bishop to oversee her decisions as well. Now, people are voting as a block-either you are for these decisions or against them both and few if any in-betweens. I am proud of the stance of the Archbishops of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Nigeria (the few whom I can remember) for choosing to abstain! But I pray for love and not just love but the love of Christ which is not just blind to our wrongs but comes out clear to say what is and what isn’t! It’s two weeks to the conference held every ten years and the eye of the world will be upon us, I pray that we calmly resolve these misunderstandings! It is quite interesting that the Anglican Church in SA is pro- Gay clergy and pro female clergy.


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