false parents

I am tired in all ways of the word imagine. The vicious cycle just begins yet again and now I’m at a loss as to how much a gal can possibly take but even then, when you remove the people who hang around the peripheries its those who pupport to be close to you that can say the meanest things and laugh about it as well and then still look you in the eye and endeavour to make meaningful conversation with you! Surely,how now?

Today is the so-called run off in Zim. God Help Africa, Bless her and keep her children safe!

This guy seems to take pretty nice pictures and well, check it out!

On Oprah jana I finally saw the former gal who later changed his sex to being a man but decided to keep his womb and all because he believes thats its a human right to procreate and then later when he got married, he found out that his new wife and mother of two kids couldnt have kids as they had taken out her womb! What coincidence now that they should decide to do IVF and he/her/it would now carry the baby! At the time of watching, she was six months pregnant- kinda makes you think doesn’t it? What sex is the carrier of the child then? what makes you male or female?


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