day one of ….

I watched a programme this week that was asking whether we would live better if we knew that what we were doing at any given time was how we formed memories. I mean, sometimes we get so into the mix of things that we forget to enjoy the experience of making these memories. I thought to myself, woah! how deep? What would  change or how will this change things for me now that I know that this, the here and the now, is the formation of memories? carpe diem all the way baby!

I read a magazine article about how men between the ages of 18 and 25 are the most adventorous and have the highest proclivity to danger and they were saying that part of the reason this is is coz the frontal lobe of the brain isn’t fully formed until the ages of 20-25! This made perfect sense to me coz this is the point that most of us have been plagued with quarter life crisis and I think you must be questioning things and forming up your thoughts and ideas of things and well, it all makes sense coz last year? something out of a Stephen King novel…so is it formed now? How can we tell?


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