finance makes me think like this

I don’t even get me started on Idols! I can’t believe that Cynthia is still in the house-I know she is fly and she has a hot body but … What idols is this? She is like the bad smell that won’t leave the house even after you have left the house and moved into a new one- what does it take to get her to leave? Maybe if we all begin to punt her and to praise her that should do,yeah so begining with me, I LOVE CYNTHIA- she is our next Idol!

If foolishness is facing the same circumstances and reacting in the same way, if progress is choosing to react differently when faced with the same circumstances, is foolishness the opposite of progress? I think you know you have made progress when you can react differently (good different) when the same bad things keep happening at you- so I’m making progress and I know this to be the case? are you as well?

I have a common pal whom everyone has given up on but for some reason, I’m unable to. No one can quite get why but yesterday, it hit me, we never give up on each other when the Lord is working on them and there is a war being waged for their soul. What happened to never beating someone when they are down?


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