Bus number 37 ( The Love Bus)

I have learnt that if we baby sit someone and expect them to grow up- it doesn’t work.  We have to release those that we love and let them go.

I think it was Goethe who said, if you love something you have to release it and let it go and if it was meant to be, it will come back to you. Sadly, we can’t grow up if we are never given the chance to grow up and show some backbone. SAD BUT TRUE.  I used to wonder whether it was possible to love someone too much. I thought I had the answer to that but I fear, that I still don’t know.

I guess we are all guilty of doing this and lingering longer than we must. On places that we ought never to have stopped at to begin with. Growing up sucks balls I tell you, but the lessons I have learnt on my own, wouldnt trade them for anything….

SIDE NOTE: I think I have just seen a colleague engaged to our former boss! Oh ok, now makes sense.


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