Turmeric and cinammon

I know I’m growing up and this I know because I’m learning to stop asking as many questions as I usually would. I’m glad for my parents and my family coz I have been allowed to ask questions that in hindsight have seemed that bit inappropriate but the space was created for me that allowed me to ask and even get answers. sadly, not everyone is family and won’t keep humouring me as my family is wont to.

I ask a lot of stuff and with one of my pals I was forced to ask myself exactly why I do that- I think I ask when the story doesn’t add up and there is some glaring half truth but no more because I think it opens me up a lot and one can easily see what it is I’m thinking of. More so when I won’t get an answer!

Why do it to begin with? Why ask and be taken round in circles only to get no answer and then later be told that I’m not the easiest person to talk to. I’m learning that I know little where friendships are concerned and maybe I don’t get it but I’m out of the race!

Do you have something in your life that you really love but whose memory is attached to something painful in your past?

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