cumin and vanilla

My sister made me start running with her so this is us waking up early to do jogs around the house. We don’t live on particularly flat ground if thats what you were thinking.NO! Its hilly and goes up and down when you need to be running and is flat when you walking. what irony is that?  our goal is to do 5 Kms in under 30 minutes by July.

have made a friend at school and she is in a relationship with some dude! But anyway, she and her boyfriend will make me shoot one of them:  he is controlling and she wants to break up with him but doesn’t want to be alone or to miss the stuff he buys for her and all that rubbish- he calls her like ten times in a school day mark you from about 8-5 there and if she doesn’t take his calls… even during class hours! i told her to give him her timetable but that would make it worse- what if she doesn’t pick up during her break? kiboko! i met him last week and i had to force myself to smile coz me i cant see what they are still doing together? i dont wanna know stuff about them coz is if he should wring her neck i might be forced to come and testify against him- DARN! 


6 responses to “cumin and vanilla

  1. my friends do write about me on their blogs too!

    mean sister indeed! curry and samosas

  2. 1. Shame on ur mean sister who cares 4 ur health so much tht she’s making you run!
    2. Do u thnk ur friends wud appreciate not only having their names bt details of their personal lives 4 the whole www 2 c? Would u like it?

  3. Im good at making pals at school have i never told all of y’all that? to be called ten times a day is not too bad but dont make it like its answer or die- THAT nimekataa katu!

  4. Good to hear u made friends. Food for thought, if any of the above suddenly disappear, we as ur friends will have to testify against u for stating ur desire to shoot them! Anyway, i guess there’s that gene in us chics that makes us fear being alone so we stay in relationships we really shouldn’t be in. But to be called 10 times a day! Who wouldn’t want that???

  5. im a giggler for life now aren’t I? HOW would i have known about the breakup madam?

  6. well you ought to have seen my face when i read ur post…i just saw that she wants to break up with him!!!!!!!!!so i was like WHAT???then i went back and saw nigerian pal….it seems you are destined with Faith’s ama?nway in a pensive mood today for some reason…..but glad to hear you are back to chuckling in class..or is it giggling?

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