lemon and ginger

there are three things that i just cant wait for and im too ashamed to even say what.

  1. Euro Cup starts on the 7th of June and go on until the 29th of June and my teams as usual would be the Czech Republic and Britain but the latter didnt make it and so this year, its France.
  2. Big Brother Africa Three- that starts all the way in August.urgggg!
  3. World Cup 2010 that will run from June 11th to 11th July. some 770 plus days

whats life without something to look forward to? NOTHING:-)

8 responses to “lemon and ginger

  1. i only watch the leagues that come every four or so years! not the league that seems to happen every year and every week. I also love reality telly and now Amazing Race is back!

  2. Didn’t think u follow football much, but hey everyone’s full of suprises! But yah, what’s life without something to look forward to??? Currently, i look forward to reality tv shows every night. They provide a good laugh

  3. whoever said men and women were different was spot on,yeah? but of course Man U retained the cup so it goes without saying that point, me dear:=)

  4. i have just compared my comment and chamba’s and yaani chics and dudes are so completely different…yaani umepewa a full analysis of world cup….am surprised manu wasnt mentioned somewhere there

  5. I will bear that in mind- I always have two teams ndio mambo ikiharibika in the one, i got a fall back plan! thanks for the support.

  6. i feel on the Euro cup vibe. Sorry to say that Czech Republic is a spent force. Teams to watch are Spain and France. i expect the latter to cause seriuos ripples during the tournament with likes of Evra, Ribbery, Malouda, Abidal, Henry, Anelka, they have a tremendous team. As for Spain, if they can style up and not play as Barcelona then maybe they can bang in them goals. as much as team performance is important in a team, remember that its the end results that matter.

  7. madthoughts

    my love, you have lost it but if we stop to anticipate stuff, what have we got?

  8. true true it all makes life bearable.i am looking forward to july when al be thru with 4yr exams and to when all be through with my masters cz then i can make some man happy.hihihihi

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