all in a post

Ok i hear that this chick is fifteen years old and she is covered in the June edition of this magazine and she is topless- at all of fifteen what was i doing? i definitely wasnt posing nude for nobody and would not have been paid enough to anyways and even then, if my mother had heard this- kiboko on the shameless man who would dare suggest this. Children today have it swell. or not.

i never got what this chick blogs about then today voila! je prend i have gotten it…








i watched the recent bond movie and its so true of Bond. James Bond. (aside: that movie was so hot- the opening scene? had to dry my wet palms so many times.good work) try again here though-







isn’t that true though? that for women, the more gray hair you have, the more respect you command? i didnt actually know the opposite is true for men? Sean Connery, Mel Gibson, Denzel Washington? coulda fooled me. now onto the harder bits and i guess to show how sets totally passed me by:







ok whats she saying? seriously? or here:







oh i get it… these are things that chicks will for all the time,ama? anyway, i think i might keep going back till i get it. and now im looking for fillers to make this the longest post ever- it aint working though.

just before i throw in the towel, i read this post here and it made me so upset.. tell me what you think of it all though:-)

2 responses to “all in a post

  1. whats cutting with this story now? and how come you were so on top of the facts like this?

  2. Just like I said, it is the sickest thing to do to your clandestine. Karma works both ways.

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