the dirty secret

what they really dont tell you about South Africa is that monopoly is a joke and that their local KPLC, ESKOM, here had no plan. they watched us as we increased your consumption of electricity and now they are “rationing” or rather calling it the much prettier load shedding and this means that one week on Tuesday between Tuesday and Saturday 6-10 p.m. and then again the other week on Thursday at the same time, there is bila power! what in goodness name, huh? a friend of mine rightly put it, in the US of Africa? how can there be power in Kenya and then here, bilaz? What irks me is at the peak of Winter, i get that people will be using more power in these months to heat their homes and what but!!!!!! and then coz few homes have gas in them (they all wired for elec) it literally means, bila food- you cant even cook a meal and all that. SO ITS OUT OF THE CLOSET.

Watching Idols, I saw Angela give Scarr a kiss and it hit me, i utterly hate it when Africans kiss on telly. its eeeeek and someone ought to tell them you know! i know its ukoloni-mamboleo but i still think its disgusting and some.

Im done with my crazy assignments and what have you so I feel like i ought to be standing on the rooftolps and shouting like mad. off to do just that now……………:-)

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