I had the opportunity to ask myself a few hard questions this day- why are all the friendships I made as an adult and quite outside of school so full of mountains,valleys and all else in between? I know im not too good with affirmation and all that but i just think im too tired of trying too hard especially when the goodwill isnt two way? im feeling like im too old to keep doing this. im at the point of walking away- lets do so now rather than hang on and have it get messy, im all for clean breaks and the faster the better. Is this going to be a constant theme of my twenties? i cant like that i know. .. … urggggggggggg!


2 responses to “declarations

  1. the 20s have their own pressures, these ones are in addition to them already.

  2. yes the 20s are full of such!!!!!! join the club

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