oooh boy

I am watching East and Southern Pop Idols and wondering to myself, first of all- when were the auditions held? was I in town while they were being held or had i already gone- I think I have watched all the other idols from pretty much the rest of the world and thus far- NO goosebumps kabisa. whats the deal- we buy CDs and of course these pips are singing these ma-songs from these ma-celebs and where is all that going? my sis and i are convinced they dont have family or loved ones coz hnbc? would these wapendwas let you go to the big time and enyewe you pretty much suck at this? as in seriously…… between that nut of a boy who wanted to play the guitar at the back of his head and insists on “eye contact”, Ms Orange (we know how she voted now), the gal who closely watched the Beyonce video and this does not exclude all the reggea and po-po-po dudes. The saddest of all was in Dar, Tanzanians who bless their souls speak kidogo English is where the Judges went all crazy with them. I just thought it was matharau plain and simple. And there I was loving me some bongo like mad. More than that, I think the judges are reaaaaaally acting plain and simple. They are trying too hard and that makes them lose credibility with me. The whole Simon Cowell(Sqarr) the passive female judge ( Angela) and then the cross between the two of them(Tkay). THAT is so tired and we need originality like jana already, anyhu, this weekend is Kampala and i hope they show me something coz hii aibu, haileti furaha at all.

I love my tuts and all the kids i have met in all of them. what will i do in like six weeks when i have to detach, will i be able to? i cant think about it now coz its not on…. reading Tara Road now and with each page im smiling like a punk….my mindless job to do if i didnt have school is being an illustrator like for Comics and the likes  


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