what does it mean when….

  • a dude you thinks likes you takes you to watch what’s potentially a porn movie?
  • a “pal” blacklists you off their Facebook page?
  • you post on someones wall and they somehow NEVER get to ditto on yours?
  • you like someone more than they do- be it a gal or a man, whomever?
  • all the wrong things and thoughts make me happiest?
  • you know what needs doing but somehow cant get around to doing?
  • saving face counts more than helping out and being a dear?
  • money counts more to me than saving a soul?
  • when the soul cares more for about money than their soul?
  • i write all this and i still dont know jerk?



2 responses to “what does it mean when….

  1. thanks dear!

  2. 1. it means he is a louse and is using a roundabout way to get into your pants or wants to see ur reaction so that he can startegise on how to get into your pants.
    2.you and the pal are full of drama!The pal needs to grow up and tell you to your face that they dont want to interact with you!Drama!Immatirity and a lack of personality that’s what it means.
    3.It means you need to chuck that person from your list cz you have no vibe between you or you are an option to them while they are a priority in your life. Then again they could just be busy.or were forced to join facebook or going through a season where they are not just feeling facebook.
    4.It just means that…you like them more than they do,,,,liking imbalance…happens all the time…welcome to the roaring twenties!
    5.means your next birthday gift should be a years’s subscription to a shrink
    6.laziness,apathy and good old procrastination.
    7. means being a prisoner of people’s opinion.
    8.???//well u figure out that one.
    ok am out of answers…..am being a sart mouth but some of that stuff has merit……and the eseence of a blog is expression and feedback

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