should i just keep chasing pavements

even if it leads me nowhere?  Anyway, I am thinking about the situation in Zim and Im just thinking, enyewe Lord, I can’t do this again and not more than four months ago? This is exactly what happened in Kenya not long after the elections and the resulting anxiety, the rumours, the lies, the division, the mistrust BUT most of all, the division of it all. No one ever wants war, no one ever finds it worth it to lose all that they have worked for and NO one wants to lose their loved ones ever and indeed Im not agitating for war- wouldnt want that on my worst enemy BUT Lord, we need you now more than ever. Lord we need you to come through for Africa. LORD we know you have a plan for us and one day shall we rise up and say that truly, truly you had us in your arms but help us (me) to remember this too coz at times, I feel bad that we are the butt of so many jokes,economic experiments and suggestions and social advice that is SO not good for us? I know that you are Jehovah who neither sleeps nor slumbers but Lord, where are you when this is happening? Lord, what can I do today to shikilia and keep the Faith. I trust you and I know that all things work for the Good of they who love the Lord who and are called according to His purpose. Lord, Africa is yours and I submit…

I read something that challenged me greatly or rather reminded me of something.  As Christians we at times find ourselves hiding under all these -isms and shoulds that don’t really help us and quite frankly have nought to do with the Way. How many of my close friends have fallen off the radar and under the banner of Love and eternal sunshine I have just looked and said silent,if at all, prayers. That doesnt cut it and I have this feeling of foreboding that when i make it to Heaven , the Lord will ask me what i did. How did I contribute to this and how did I try and reach out to them and draw them back to His path? As a leader, it became especially difficult to watch them slip away each of these dear Sheep and do jerk about it: I have term papers, the CATS next week, I have a coffee date cant be bothered, the minutes are due, i dont have their number….. a boyfriend, a nephew, a father, someone, anyone………needs me. Rather than the dear sheep.

I want to leave a legacy
How will they remember me?
Did I choose to love? Did I point to You enough
To make a mark on things?
I want to leave an offering
A child of mercy and grace who
blessed your name unapologetically
And leave that kind of legacy
( Nichole Nordman, Legacy)

Lord, Im sorry and help me to see when I go astray and when I look inward rather than to you the Centre and Sustainor of all.

Amen. Aso. Nii wega.

2 responses to “should i just keep chasing pavements

  1. if thats what you took then, its apo gone from you.

  2. “I have a coffee date cant be bothered”

    soooo busted…i bet you’re hiding coz it was with big tities…tihiii

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