all my neighbours have tennis courts

its actually the truth and Im still not used to it. That and the fact that there are no traffic lights here…only robots. The mandazis here have mince meat and other additives as well. The girls wear all sorts of non-clad in the summer and I’m always gob-smacked at how jerk cuts with them. This isn’t home and thats only too obvious for me. 

 So I finished reading Fred Khumalos book and the thing I always wonder about is why African Writers feel the need to write really dirty books that at times border on just being obscene? I mean, whats the deal you know? I think thats what puts me off all their writings and stuff. All that vivid description is too much TMI already. I think of Mailu’s book, My dear bottle, a book I read when I was just nine, and I wonder, what does one stand to gain by writing such….. filth really? I know how the Bible talks of the mouth speaking out of the overflow of the heart and this forces me to ask, whats in their mind? Like the language here was all vulgar and some but if you get over that and the … else there was, it was a really nice and simple style and more and more, I am beginning to appreciate the simple things in life. Not to write them all off I also read these books and they were quite fab actually. Classy even. Maybe coz dude is Muslim? I wonder…..

Why do we get a happy thrill when we do naughty things? or mean ones for that matter. Its the best worst feeling ever, me likes 🙂


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