In my first semester at Daystar, I read this book about masks and why people are afraid to show each other who they really are- the exact name escapes my memory for the moment but yeah, it was a real eye opener. I think that in life we all need some kinds of masks to protect us from the raw emotions that we would otherwise be seeing in the eyes of all  the guys around us. To some extent its necessary and I have indulged in that kind of thing once too many times before. I mean does the kange as he gives me my change really care that my father hasnt paid my fees, or the ice cream man has taken up fort outside my house for defaulting on past debts or that I have just showered in cold water? Hardly. Neither does the mama mboga, the gate man or the lunch lady. The only problem I have is when masks come up within people who purport to have really close friendships. Thats when I totally dont get the whole mask vybe, coz, sasa ya nini….?

Am I a happy or a sad person? still trying to figure that out

2 responses to “masks

  1. I agree totally with you Amo, i dont blame anyone for anything-coz i have done it myself, i think its sad that we still need to hide from someone who we really are….:-)

  2. I think sometimes masks are especially necessary to those people we love like our family and friends. If they always knew all the thoughts we were thinking or exactly what we were feeling at any point in time, lets just say they would frightened, disappointed and a whole array of negative emotions. So, dont blame any friends or family who wear masks, coz they are doing it for your own good most times

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