funny thing is life

isnt just funny that when you are goofing up in life no one will tell you straight up to your face but the moment you decide to chuck it and do the right thing is when you get the handshakes and the claps on the shoulder about how its all the best you know. huh? Isnt that a bit two-faced? Once or twice i have done it so i see the misplaced need to lie and protect but then what often wins out is the need to be true to myself and to sleep well at night. So i feel a bit cheated here but hey we live,we learn…….

I read an article about disenfrachised grief- its that time when you lose something and then you want to grieve about it but no one understands- not making for that job you really want coz of your nationality, losing the ex you never got over over and then having to mourn for your fiancee or fiance and no one quite gets your grief? Disenfranchised grief sho sucks balls wouldn t you say?

On a lighter note, my friend passed her sec 6 of CPA and Im so happy for her right now wish I could dash home and hug, Just this once you know. Good one dear.  The essay is off this wall for sure. urrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh 🙂

I just read Psalm 7 about God the Judge.

4 responses to “funny thing is life

  1. me? did i NEVER open my mouth to say that that just didnt make the grade or that dude needed to shtep and take with him all his 7893 drama, or that you were better than that Slim? did i never do that? well, hope this is therapy for you though…. :=)

  2. imagine arash you have done that to me so many times:)4 real. reading your blog, brings some dark memory long ago!now it doesnt even hurt, i am laughing as i think about it!

  3. i get all that you know- and the pre-event grief if you may call it was just a quote i read sometime back and it brought back memories kibao-eeeeuw to the stickly sweet hugs, pole sana. but thanks for all that- im glad im in SA now.

  4. u read this imagine me hugging you..those tight hugs me and you cant stand from people and they dont understaond why?…..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx all those hugs from me to you…..i miss you so much…but am glad you are in SA….FOR A BUNDLE OF REASONS BUT MOSTLY CZ YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSEWD TO BE….interesting bit about grief… remember a certain girl going into panic mode that one of her closest friends would be going to Uk 9months later…..i call it pre-event grief… works!! by the time the dreaded event occurs…one has dealt with the worst of the emotions….humans my dear are not infallible….even your friends being the very same species are not infallible and prone to do disappointing sooner or later you are going to return the favour…..of being infallible….life is about choices…..good and bad ones…….sad to say but in us is the need to retain the view that the world is fair…and if weact fairly and justly then we will get the same treatment. someone said that no good deed goes unpunished…abit too cynical but still conveying the state of life….when all is aid and done all you can do is stand.madlove

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