why cant i write my long essay like this?

Does this ever happen to any blogger out there? That you begin with a perfect post in mind and then shortly, its not there at all?

 I read a mag leo that was talking about relationships and when to walk away from them. Whether its just a rough patch or its time to call it all quits. mhhhh. So I definitely think that if dude strikes you, he so deserves to get the walking coz you know, thats a total no-no! In the article, it goes on to say how “… love changes over time as our needs do. As your relationship progresses you move onto a different deeper level of intimacy, which is more than just sexual intimacy.” Reading that all I could think was WOW! how deep but very true coz the moment you grow and the other one is left lagging behind, the harder it is for the two of you to resolve issues amicably. The challenge is in staying together when the big ‘uns come along. And they do come along every so often.  So to the folks married many years, how do you keep at it? through the sagging boobs, job losses, kids, and all the other issues that are part of breathing in and out?

If you could read other peoples minds, would you? Why?

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