my mouth just went uh!

it hit me today why they call this secular education!

 while walking to the Lib i passed this cafe and i saw the Lesbian whom i blogged about here last month. they were all playing with each other in a lovey lovey manner and me i was just gawking with the whole saliva dribbling down my mouth like the ball on a B-Ball court. the guys on the same table as them didnt seem to mind and here was Ms. AK thinking, ukistaajabu ya Musa, utaona ya Firauni! what else could it be?

so i left this madness and went to sit in the sun, :-), and whilst i was there this bunch of Chuts came and sat quite next to me and as the shade was only there, sikuwa nisonge. Shortly, they chucked their shoes, got in line and faced Mecca and begun to pray! the whole bend, stand, look up,down and the cycle again- this was my poor mouth just gaping wide open. what now? whatarethiz? huh? after, they dispersed i was still shakin my head in shock. AGAIN.

 at my new research methods class this morning, it hit me right between the nose how i need to be thinking about my 10,000 word essay and im all clueless and all. i need to know what im working on by the 27th of this month coz my lecturer will be expecting an email on the same. this long essay must have data and you run econometrics regressions and the works or you could do a case study! such choice?  i dont know what to do here? women, policy matters, some behavioural phenomenon, i dont know now! so i expect that over the next couple of days THIS is all i shall be blogging or thinking about. urgggggggggh!

 had a bad tut last wednesday, hope it goes better kesho. yaani Lord, please?

 if i was prone to swearing,

if i was prone to taking drugs,

if i was prone to drinking and smoking,

if i was prone to burning buildings

 if i was prone to mad theatrics………

this would be it for sure!


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