what was that shaggy’s song again?

Why do people claim to love each other and then go ahead and cheat on said person? and then when caught and confronted, why do they always get all defensive and try to project that you,the accuser, are mad? why,why? dude, when you are all busted out, just accept and take it lying down don’t fight it or make a fool of me by denying it because all it does is make a fool  of both of us and no one likes that!


3 responses to “what was that shaggy’s song again?

  1. its “It wasnt me” that i was looking for

    Farmgal, why is this the case?

  2. “It wasn’t me”


    “Strength of a Woman”

  3. manenoz of love are just complicated but I think humans complicate them.

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