happy new year

one of the few quotes in life that i have read and gone uh! was the one that in life we make choices and then they turn around and make us. of course thats its highly abridged version. the thing that first showed that enyewe im now an adult is when my folks begun to entrust me with a few decisions that i wholy and truly had to make on my own and darn the consequences really coz when things went bad, i had no one BUT me to blame for it all. sad times i tell you….

 i mean on the one hand, it was exhilarating that hey! im the captain of the ship and from henceforth, its me and me purely. a few agonizing moments later and last year i found myself wishing that my mom would take me on her lap and cuddle me really and take all the “biiiiiiiig” life decisions in life for me. like when i was twelve years old you know, why couldnt i have been twelve again? just last year at the height of growing up and the quarter life crisis that being 22 turned out to be.

 i KNOW for sho now that He will make straight all the valleys and smooth all the rocky areas of my life too so I can only hang onto Him and His promises to me that are yeah and amen! and beyond that is to act like the Pagans of olden times. its a new day for me and i only wish i could say to all and sundry whom i meet happy new year! i can see clearly now and finally hindsight is neither sad nor painful. only happy and refreshing…………..:-)

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