habari kwa ufupi

Ok anyone, whats in a nutshell happening at home? i mean, im hearing of Power sharing and all that talk. there is talk of the violence beginning once again and well, whats the truth? or am i in denial and thats the truth? my family, friends, loved ones and all the stuff i know for sure is there and ….. eh, well. Dear Lord, just bless and protect and keep us safe even at this time you know.

 you know today as i went to my early morning class, i passed by this really popular cafe and i saw this couple making out and i thought, well, someones happy. the dude had his back to me and the chick was feeling shy and all and i thought, yeah, its PDA gal, either you feel him or quite frankly you don’t. can you imagine the shock in my system when i saw that dude was actually a chick! i mean what in goodness name is that????  i was gawking with my mouth and any orrifice readily available- kweli ukistaajabu ya musa, utaona ya firauni!

i also saw a kid this week with an iPhone and i knew its another ball game here altogether you know.


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