whats cutting at home

I left town at about the time that Koffi Annan came to mediate this round of talks and so im out of the loop here. What’s the Government spokesman talking about now? Have they released the names of the top politicians who have been banned from visiting the US of A? What’s this talk of power sharing? I heard also that Pakistan has also held their elections, ALREADY? wasn’t it just the other day Dec 27th( now why can i vividly tell that?) that Benazir died and they canceled the elections to a latter date, has it come and gone then? this school thing is a total time consumer of me so just bear with me its not stemming from plain ignorance. Has Samuel Kivuitu resurfaced? is he going to church and all that, does he ever leave his home or is it some kind of house arrest that we don’t know about? why isn’t the press picking up on that and papparazing him to see what he is spending his days on and all that.  Is he still the ECK Chair? When can he leave and how do we know that the next person isn’t a mule just like he was? i think he is my new obsession, Hey Mister, I’m intrigued by you cant we sit and talk and I ask you really hard and squirm-in-your-seat questions? drop me a line sincerely yours………

UPDATED: ICC announces the 6 politicians 

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