sukuma wiki in a glass of milk

for some reason the above imagery so appeals to me its just silly really.

i was home all day today trying to read my Quantitative Econ notes and do the Tutorial that is due next week. i love,love maths but yesterdays class totally had my head in a tizzy i tell you. if i never hear about derivatives, exponents, logs and differentiation, it will be too soon. on a sane note though, my lecturer has a to-die-for accent that keeps you awake when things bite like mad!

i heard a silly lyric today from some song on telly: he is my boo and im his little pet- i wanna be someone’s little pet at a time such as this but only coz the ka-girl i think Mutya from Suga Babes is standing in some water, why do they always have that pose in these videos? as in which adult stands in water,eh? bilharzia, wet toes and expensive shoes, madness…….. need i say more?

and Di this one is for you coz this is how we do you know- check out the link below and as usual mwaaaaaaaah 🙂


2 responses to “sukuma wiki in a glass of milk

  1. But you know how Silly I am don’t ya? I was seruiously looking for a place to do pole dancing classes then the place where they are offered is quite the dingy one so I sared! The blog is an opportunity for people to follow whats cutting with me and my stay here without me having to go into a lot of detail per person.

    That song is for you babe:-)

  2. Yeah, the title is rather silly, yet catchy as well. that song arabo is nasty. kwanza the video, my goodness my virgin eyes cannot tolerate, the were popping out like huh, and to think at one point in your life you wanted to be a strip dancer? chic!!!! some serious stuff you got right there(the blogs) quite a nice read. i enjoy reading them. have a good one

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