something about Wits is that the undergrads are expected to do tutorials and as part of the obligations for me to get the Merit Award is that i have to put in 6 hours a week of this. i picked the freshers who ALL have to do Econ and il just say that they got lots of syke and for now, are reading between, above and on the line of their Econ course texts and im just tempted to place a bet on how long it takes for the reality of this Econ thing to hit them and they chill out- like imagine you already in Uni and dont need to impress?

so much for jana being Valentines, i was all kinds of busy from when i checked into school at 9 until my last class at 7 jana- from room to room all over class including two tutorials back-to-back. two kisses to self, happy Valentines my dear.

im already behind on my readings and i feel like this is week ten of the Sem and i dont like that at all. still trying to come to grips with all the smoke around Campus and debating with myself should i also start? should, shouldnt i? tricky one id say.NOT!

looking for a reading table and lamp for myself coz now il be bringing work back home with me- sad. too sad.

ok off to school now, if anyone is reading this,il try and upload pics and stuff and when you can, do comment and tell me whats cutting at home. on which note, im far removed from the situation in Kenya and eh, im just shocked at myself. so, lemme hear from you so its not one-sided only?


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