so far?

i landed on Sunday morning after like three or more days of not sleeping.

i went for registration yesterday and luckily my sister was there with me or else i would have been dazed till 2010.

today was my first real day on my own on campus and i couldn’t even make my way around- at some point i did get a map but after asking like twenty-ten people i finally got there.

had my first class this evening and it was a bit hectic too-there were so many readings that i needed to do and of course i hadn’t and the class started early and this was me running to class a few minutes early only to find it already filled to capacity with earlier peoples. loved it though and i think it has great potential too.

went by the tutors place and i have three tutorial groups lined up so far including one kesho and i have like two chapters to read and prepare myself prior to then. for money people have done worse things.

this is HIV Awareness week at school and the kind of entertainment we are having at school has my jaw dropping. jana and after seeing all the people smoking around school i knew that this was a secular school. walala!

dealing with some stuff from home and i dont like it, thought i could make a clean cut but alas im the fool here! why all these circles is what i want to know!

not in BSF anymore, its sad i tell you been five good years and all i can hope is that in September my timetable will


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