i wonder

i just saw this blog that had pictures of kids dead and lying in a morgue as a result of this senseless murders that have erupted across most parts of Kenya. As a Christian, i know that we ought to submit to our leaders and this is regardless of whether i think they were elected fairly or not- thats hardly the case here. in my heart, i have been struggling with wanting to say really bad things about his character but i just cant until when i beheld the pictures of those children piled one upon the other! who does that to any one least of all kids and thinks its justified? yesterday i came across an article of these people who burnt the church down in Eldoret and they were trying to explain why they killed the women and children and to me the argument itself was a non-starter!

i wonder what the situation will be like in June of this year will things be better or worse or normal as we knew it?

i wonder honestly what kivuitu must be feeling like? what does he think of JUST before he goes to bed, what does he feel when he hears about the flare ups that are happening all over?

i wonder why the Cabinet had to be named this week and why it couldnt wait until after the “Peace Talks”. i wonder who is running the government and where the President is when stuff is cutting and he is on the nil-by-mouth diet? i wonder where is the brilliant economist? what happened to him?

i wonder what runs through the Gvt spokesman’s mind each time he has to talk? and does he realize that after this gvt finishes their five years in office he will be rendered virtually unemployable? he is not even a sycophant or a boot-licker, something FAR beyond that and doesnt he feel bad about it? i wonder whether he can look himself straight in the mirror without feeling bad!

i wonder most of all how we will resolve this question of tribe in kenya and whether it will one day STOP to matter!

i wonder too why well meaning gestures are often the ones that hurt the most? i wonder also about pain and the heart? if we keep getting our hearts hurt/ broken, do they get smaller with time or do they get to a point where they are bigger than the hurt and it stops to move them in any specific way? i wonder what will happen to pain when we get to heaven?


3 responses to “i wonder

  1. Update or close this here blog down!!!

  2. the day i saw the blog with those tois is when i knew it was over and this fight was all really bollocks to begin with and that these big fahalis dont give a hoot/ rude emoticon here about the rest of us small folk!

  3. – I wonder at almost all those things as well, this is a very well written and thought provoking post. It captures exactly what i’m thinking but too lazy to articulate on my own blog (which i’m seriously thinking of deleting now).
    – I think it was very unethical of that blog (or anyone) to display those pictures of those dead babies/people, i mean what does it serve? Its not like the people who commited those crimes will read his blog and regret it. But thats kinda besides the point, the point i think is that people who commit crimes and harm the most vulnerable in our societies should also have the most heinous forms of punishment – and yes, i mean they should be killed very slowly and painfully, thats the only reason why i would advocate capital punishment. Why on earth would anyone harm those babies? Did they vote? Were those babies threatening their killers in any way?
    – Kivuitu doesn’t care i dont think. Nor does the govt spokesman. They dont care because in Africa the govt can commit any sort of crime/injustice/wrong because they will get away with it. Why will they get away with it? Because the next govt will also be committing these same crimes. Its a vicious cycle. I was thinking this morning, are we so different from the Europeans and many Asians? I think so, because, they also steal/are corrupt, but why is it so easy for this continent to errupt into war and conflict at the drop of a hat? why does neighbor turn against neighbor at the slightest provocation or even sometimes without provocation? Why are our leaders so selfish and self-serving? I don’t believe that we’re inferior to any other races in any way, but there’s definitely something very wrong with our collective psyche i think. So as long we continue to not hold our leaders accountable, as long as we let them play on our perceived identities (aka tribes), as long as we continue to vote for the politician who gives us the most money during the campaigns, then i’m sorry to say that we’ll continue to have dimwits like Kivuitu and Mutua to name but afew.
    – What happens to the heart when u get hurt is with time it becomes disensitized to the pain.

    Sorry i turn my comment into a blog post 🙂

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