get lifted

A colleague gave me John Legend’s Album to listen to the other day and it just made me wonder! Its really nice  and it just made me wonder,is any of that stuff for real? That whole chick when I see you, I feel …. or what, do people really do that? Do they really feel that way about someone else? I have caught myself wondering how two people meet, fall in love and STAY that way? Isn’t that just the greatest mystery of all time- My folks have been together for 33 years and I just wonder at the resilience of that whole thing? How does that work? Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely loyal but to what end? This is why I don’t listen to R n B coz for me,it just isn’t about the beat BUT the words as well!

Came across a couple of links that I thought of as mhh….. this was a really novel hotel in Italy that I saw in Time Magazine. The rest didn’t work so I just chucked them…

On to unrelated matters, its my birthday in two months and for the first time I am running scared and really freaking out-I feel so I don’t know but its so not a nice feeling. The dread of the whole thing is tangible this time round- This is strange for me coz usually I am over the moon about the day, Anyway……

6 responses to “get lifted

  1. why would you think that im a dude? you were(are) anonymous until you said you knew about the wedding at All Saints that weekend, that made me doubt!

  2. haiya! me i thought u were a dude?
    how do you think you jua me ?
    am s’possed to br anon 🙂

  3. i especially love his music and listening to him i think he must know a lot about love-wonder what it would feel for him to love ME and think of me as he writes all that music- why do i think i know you?

  4. did somone say John legend 🙂 he has the relaest “ordinary people” we can all relate to that

  5. ok, im not exactly sure where the last 2 links are supposed to link to, but i dont think they are working

  6. tihii…if its about the words how come you never used to humour me that time when i was obsessed with knowing what the lyrics to songs mean?

    I guess when you really and trully love someone the loyalty bit stops seeming like some kind of chore

    i need to stop being the only contributor up in this here joint…si u start leaving comments on other ppl’s blogs and they will come and leave on urs?

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