sand and blues

I’m back at work now and what I learnt is that East or West my messy bedroom is definitely home. There is only so much of hotel food and the whole ambience that you can have in one week. On friday we had this really intense session that ended at 8 p.m. I was on the 9:30pm bus back to Nairobi as I had to be in Town by 7am. The Lord is truly great as I was here at 6:30 and made it to my meeting in good time. I went home thereafter and had an hour nap and in the afternoon went off to run a couple of errands.

I dread going to Church these days as in between wondering what the service might be about or who might preach there is also the fact that you have to keep dodging the question “are you OK” and “are things OK” and all that and its just overkill you know so there I am plotting my Jack Bauer moves when I do get there. Yesterday was no different but I had a lovely afternoon and I guess nothing lost there?

I feel like speaking to our Youth Coordinator and asking him  if we have any funds left to do an end of year party, although I was actually thinking more of cocktails and bitings but question is what,where and how? Haven’t planned anything in yonks so can hardly wait.

I came across this really interesting blog that is entirely in french and I thought? Do I really speak French? Je ne comprends pas at this rate!


One response to “sand and blues

  1. so r u ok and are things sawa?

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