matthew, weddings and wishes

Reading Matthew 8 last week I was able to appreciate the Power of God and the fact that HE is able to come through for me despite the size of the calamity and any elephants Imay be facing. Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I know that He is still there and He will neither leave me nor forsake me. NEVER will He and so I can confidently trust in that.

I attended the most beautiful wedding on Saturday and it just left me feeling I don’t know what- I was up and down on my feet for most of the day but I didn’t even mind coz this was a dear friend after all. I am so happy for them, but yet again, it struck me just how unprepared I am for this marriage thing. I am so not even planning for the same for the next five years. Haven’t slept well since Thursday night and now its catching up with me. I am purely surviving on coffee and nought else. Slept over at a mansion this weekend and lets just say,

Its a rainy Monday morning, the best kind I tell you-wish I was at home sleeping though. I wish I was curled up in bed reading the Maeve Binchy book I have with me. I wish I was twelve. I wish for so many things that unfortunately, will not pan out. I wish my sisters were all at home, I wish my mom would be at home when I get there. THIS would make my day.


7 responses to “matthew, weddings and wishes

  1. so were you at this wedding too?

  2. been a while!
    yea i know the couple 🙂

  3. matter of fact it was at all saints cathedral, bryjoe-mbona? did you know one of them as well?

  4. Yeah, i sometimes actually feel like i will go mad. but i think i’m now mostly as used to it as one can get. the only thing is that when one is down or going thru a rough patch, some how it just seems bigger than it actually is. i guess coz there is no distraction of family around

  5. was the wedding at all saints?

  6. id go mad though i must say i wish i had that opportunity-YOU know me and my hung ups?

  7. imagine what i feel all by myself here!!!

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