elephant issues

Proverbs 4:24 cautions us to guard our hearts for from it springs the issues of life and how true could that be? When you are in a bad place and you know what needs to be done but the repercussions are too mega and the pain involved too elephant (mega), what do you do? How do people get up and shrug off the pain and just get going? How do you face the possibility of pain bravely and just damn it all and go ahead with living? Why are men able to compartmentalize and yet we girls can’t? How come if we have an argument you can go out with your friends and have a right ‘ol party while I can’t?  How can you put on a sunny disposition and yet you ought to know better? What gives? Why are we so different?

THE wedding is finally tomorrow! Can’t wait for it though I know I will be exhausted at the end of it all! Going for a sleepover thereafter!

I used to be happy, I used to laugh and mean it, I could trust my judgment NOT anymore. I used to know a happy girl-I used to be ME, now I dont even know who that is. As Oprah says the one thing I know for sure is that I actually know nothing. and not even about myself.

I hope this link works coz my last entry was a hoax at best!!!!

3 responses to “elephant issues

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  2. I appreciate that- many times we do stereotype guys and think they all fit into the same mould of clay and thats not always true. I recently read Matt. 6:32 about why we need not worry as the Pagans also do it and we are DIFFERENT from them. We can only do this by the grace of GOD and no one else.

    Keep reading the blog and keep the comments coming.

  3. Not all of us guys can “compartmentalize” like you describe. If I get in an argument with someone it can ruin my day.

    I often wonder how other people can do what you describe. I’ve always thought it was because they have severe memory-loss problems or are so self-focused they don’t pay any attention to how their relationships with others stand (or how other people might be feeling about them).

    Not to say I don’t envy them. Jesus talked about not worrying about tomorrow, and I know I do a lot of that when it comes to knowing I’m going to have to deal with someone later with whom I’ve just had some tension.

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