Talking to a friend over the weekend I realized that I am the kind of person who can without thinking give so much of my self,person and time to another without giving one thought to myself and my welfare. And as I say this I realize that this does not make me selfless . No. We are in the midst of organizing a bridal shower for a dear friend and each of us needed to contribute some money for the day. No problem. I had also been singing about how I needed to go for a pedicure. My friend just commented and said,” …  so without thinking, you will give money for the shower and not treat yourself?”

And it hit me that many times that is what I do! I place myself last. Time and again, I come last and I can’t do it any more, very few people do the same for me but noooooooooo! I just keeping giving more than what I get in return and sadly there comes a time in every girls life when she has to be Number One.

Talking of weddings and showers, what do I get my friend? I had thought of getting a voucher for her to go for a full wax and when I think of it, will she do it or will it just go to waste? Many of my friends do not wax/shave and I don’t know whether this is likely to change with the thought of impending nuptials. I doubt it though so I won’t take a risk with the voucher.

I have learnt so many things but at the top of it all, is that in life when you get a good thing, you take it (or GRAB it) and run for dear life. When you are on to a good thing, grab onto it and don’t let go of it come what may. This probably makes me sound like a selfish person but I think this is a new awakening for me. Finally and slowly, I am coming into my own and I don’t know whether I will love me or if those around me will love me and accept me for who or what I am/will be at that time. I hate change even in as much as I know that the only constant in life is that same detested thing. CHANGE.

3 responses to “random

  1. yes it does sound like that

  2. does it sound that way? i just feel like i am coming into my own is all.

  3. Y are you so unhappy?

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